Training trailer mechanic

A special MBO training offered by Toscon Trailers

You work with pleasure in the trailer service industry and you know how much knowledge and responsibility the work entails. Many mechanics have learned the ropes in practice. Some have followed one or more internal courses.

Without a good technical basic knowledge of trailer technology, working in our sector is no longer possible. In addition, you also notice that new techniques and insights are constantly emerging within our field. All in all, enough reason for the trailer industry to devote the necessary time and attention to training and education.

Toscon Trailer Service offers talented mechanics the opportunity to combine work as a trailer mechanic with a recognized professional training for the mobility sector. With sufficient results you will receive a full MBO diploma as a participant. This training was developed in close cooperation with Toscon Trailer Service by Da Vinci College.

The work-based pathway course (bbl)

The possibility to combine work and learning offers you many benefits. The most important thing is that you achieve your diploma within 1 year within your employment.

During the training you will also deal with practical processing tasks. In this way you apply the subject matter directly in practice, the best place to learn. A coach guides you on your way to your diploma at the workplace. Da Vinci College supervises the smooth running of your practical training and supports it where possible.

The training content

The training consists of different modules. Each module is completed with a theory test ans a practical exam.

Module 1, Electrical Engineering

  • Basic Knowledge
  • Legal Prescriptions
  • Lighting signaling systems, waterfall schedule
  • Connections                                                           

Module 2, Air pressure relief components

  • Air pressure providing components
  • Air pressure consuming components                                            

Module 3, Brake system control

  • Brake system control
  • Adjustments
  • Rod system control of brake boosters/ diaphragm cylinders
  • Brake lining
  • Hand and automatic brake adjusters
  • Brake discs and brake drums 
  • Wheel bearings 
  • Parts control relating to type approval of breaking

Module 4, Suspension and frames

  • Air suspension
  • Wheel bearings
  • Chassis beams
  • Tyres
  • Underride guards
  • Control points (MOT)
  • Taillift (electro / hydraulic)
  • Central lubrication

Learn by practice

During your work you apply what you have learned in practice. In addition, special practical days are planned. On a practical day, different topics are explored and you learn to apply special techniques under the supervision of a specialist.

General subjects

In addition to the above-mentioned components, the MBO program also includes more general subjects: Dutch, Career & Citizenship and arithmetic. These courses focus as much as possible on the work within your profession. If you have an MBO diploma, then you have a good chance that you can complete these “general courses” more quickly.

Online lessons via the virtual classroom

For this training you follow a day with classes once a month. This day is organized at a central location. In addition, you follow one or two short planned lessons each week in the virtual classroom. This is a classroom lesson that you follow at home or at work via the internet. For this you do not have to come to a class location. In the virtual classroom you have the opportunity to speak to your fellow students and your teacher live (microphone) and to see (webcam). You can also receive guidance from the lecturer without having to travel and you can follow your study progress online. The teaching material and the recorded lessons can be found on a separate web page of Da Vinci College that you can always access. In order to use online learning, you must have a computer with an internet connection.

Admission requirements

You need to think of level V(M)BO in previous education. During an introductory meeting, it is determined whether you have the necessary initial level. In addition to your previous diploma and your work experience, your commitment and motivation are especially important!


The costs of this training relate to the statutory course fees, learning materials and other participant bound costs. contact to request a quote. The course is free to register for fellow companies in the sector.

WVA for the employer

The government encourages companies to train their employees. This training is covered by the Act on Reduction of Remittance (WVA). For the employer this means a substantial tax remittance reduction with which the costs of the training can be compensated considerably.

Why would you seize this opportunity?

Our customers are making increasingly high demands and the technology is developing. The legislation demands more and more personal responsibility from mechanics. Trailer service companies therefore need expert, enthusiastic employees who want to invest in themselves. Put simply: if you opt for this program, both you and your employer will be better off. So take this opportunity and develop yourself as an MBO certified trailer mechanic.

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