History of the company and the branches

Toscon started as Pacton Trailers Service in the seventies.
In 2006 there were 4 branches (Hoogvliet, Ommen, Tilburg and Venlo)

2006 – Strategy becomes: build a nationwide service network, which is centrally managed.

2007 – Start with the development of Software for central control.

2008 – Expansions with branches is Wijster, Drente and Amsterdam

2008 – The new name Toscon was launched. With the goal and presentation the manufacturer independent trailer service company with national coverage.

2009 – Expansion with branches is in Zwolle and Hoogeveen.

2010 – Acquisition of Floor service and parts branch (FTTP) in Wijchen. The parts are accommodated in a separate business.

2010 – Expansion with a branch in Utrecht.

2011 – Expansion with the first branch in Germany.

2012 – Start with a reorganization of the company. Aim to make the processes lean, reduce costs, improve customer behavior, improve quality. The management of the branches is strengthened, etc


2013 – De franchise formula has been developed and goes live in Wijchen.

2013 – The Amsterdam branch is doubled in capacity.

2014 – Van Mourik Tiel, starts with a franchise of Toscon.

2015 – Integration of Toscon in TIP Trailer Services.

2016 – Toscon becomes a maintenance brand of TIP.

2016 – New branch in Geldermalsen is opened.

2017 – Acquisition workshop Maasdijk.