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The trailer service of Tosconin Tiel, has a lot to offer. In this location we are available for a repair, LPK inspection or maintenance of a trailer or semi-trailer and we work for everyone in the entire Betuwe. Because of this unique and complete trailer service, we offer you a full-service offer. If we maintain your trailer or semi-trailer, we will prepare a quotation before proceeding with a repair. This clarifies which defects have been identified and which parts need to be replaced or repaired. Do you agree? Only then will we get started. For every repair of a trailer or semi-trailer, we use original parts which we usually have in stock.

Trailerservice in Tiel: franchise entrepreneur under our service formula
Garage business Van Mourik Tiel is the second franchise entrepreneur operating under Toscon’s service formula. This service center focuses primarily on the logistics hotspots in the Betuwe, in particular the distribution centers in Tiel and Geldermalsen. Van Mourik Tiel has more than 20 employees. A large part of the service workshop is organized in accordance with the Toscon formula. In addition to the same appearance, this also means uniform rates and quality standards in accordance with all Toscon service centers. Our trailer service in Tiel includes:

  • Repair of trailer or semi-trailer
  • Maintenance of repair of semi-trailer
  • LPK inspection

Of course we offer even more services. Don’t you have time to bring your trailer or semi-trailer to Tiel for repair, maintenance or LPK inspection? Then use our special pick-up and delivery service!

One stop service for repair, LPK inspection and maintenance for your trailer and semi-trailer in Tiel

In addition to maintenance and repair of trailers and semi-trailers with the trailer service of Toscon, one can simultaneously have the truck service carried out by the Van Mourik Tiel garage company. Van Mourik is an official truck dealer for Renault and takes care of maintenance and repair of all brands of trucks. Make an online appointment directly with one of our specialists. Do you have any questions about our trailer service or the maintenance and repair to a trailer or trailer? Then contact us:

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Toscon Tiel


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