24h Service

Without transport everything stops. Proper maintenance prevents a lot, but there can always be something that causes you to be confronted with unscheduled downtime. This breakdown may occur during a journey or when loading and / or unloading your vehicle. For all breakdowns within the Netherlands, regular customers can call the direct numbers of the emergency service technicians. For all breakdowns outside the Netherlands you can contact our central control room. The room is operated by a professional team that can speak to the driver in more than 12 languages. A breakdown with good communication is much easier solved when the mechanic can drive to the location of the breakdown with the correct information. Ultimately, our goal is to keep your downtime to a minimum at the lowest possible cost.

Our motto is rightly so “because downtime costs money”

For breakdowns abroad, please contact +31 (0) 529 459 869. For breakdowns in the Netherlands you can contact the technician service directly (info at locations).